‘Ome Made At Knab Farm Shop

'Ome Made At Knab Farm Shop

‘Ome Made At Knab Farm Shop – We love supporting local producers and makers so are really pleased to have our products in this little gem of a shop.

'Ome Made At Knab Farm Shop

When it comes to supporting local producers, It’s clear the owner of the business, Ian, is passionate about it.

A quick glance around the shop and a host of well known and lesser known artisan products are evident on the shelves.

From Birdhouse Tea to Moss Valleys finest pork sausages, baskets of fresh fruit and vegetables, beers from Abbeydale brewery, preserves from, well, Just Preserves and Hot Sauces from Khoos. It’s literally packed to the rafters with local goodies!

'Ome Made At Knab Farm Shop

‘Ome Made At Knab Farm Shop

We have taken some of our sauces and limited edition Hot Sauces and Jams in for them. Be careful with the Mango & Hurtberry Jam… It’s a fiesty one!

'Ome Made At Knab Farm Shop

We have also taken in quite a few of the Curry Masalas in.

If you are here trying to find out what to do with them then there are some recipes on this blog or you can have a gander at our ‘Ome Made Group on Facebook which has even more recipes in the files!

I’ll put some links to recipes on this blog further down.

I am also going to be doing some recipes where you will pretty much be able to get everything from the shop itself, so watch out for those!

Where Is It?

If you haven’t visited the shop before, please do.

It is so important these days to be supporting small local businesses. And it’s a fantastic shop to boot!

The shop is located at…

78 Montrose Road


S7 2EF

They have a website, click here to have a look.

Links To Recipes

Country Captain Chicken Curry.

Grandmas West Country Chicken Curry

Easy Curry Sauce Recipe

Fish Pakora

Chicken Changezi

Chicken Tikka Masala

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