‘Ome Work…

Happy New Year!

All ready for school

Yup, I know it’s now February & the start of the new year seems the longest time ago…& that seems how long it was since I last did a blog….oh, actually, it has been that long.

So much time & so little to do, no wait, strike that & reverse it.

Time has been galloping on. I feel like we’ve already done a whole school year. Two & a half hours spent in a day helping our kids do their homework, & that’s not counting the times we’re breaking off from our stuff to help them with the things they should be able to do themselves.

CurlyE: ‘Mummyyyyy, I can’t read this word!’

Me: ‘Sound out the letters then add it all together’


Me: ‘The letters aren’t out in the garden they are on the page…LOOK AT THE PAGE!!!’


Then there’s the extra wasted time spent throwing a laptop out of the window when the internet connection goes or the MyMaths (GRRRRRRRR!!!!) website overloads…OR the internet connection is fine & dandy (yes I know, a very rare occurrence but it does happen once a year) & we spend forever with one of our kids giving helpful advice on how to work stuff out, they get it all right, & it doesn’t save it….& we have the rest of our kids waiting to do their maths stuff…..

I remember coming home with a 5 a-day or 6 or 7 etc a-day maths book to work through. You got 5 (or however many) sums to work through each day. You filled in your book, the teacher marked it & Bob’s your uncle. The only thing you had to worry about was spilling a cup of tea on it or the dog eating it. I did try to encourage our elderly, cantankerous, Wire Haired Fox Terrier to eat my homework but he was more happy jumping up trees for squirrels.


Then we get the Dress-Up days. I have to admit I do love these. The kids have to go to school dressed up as something related to the Topic they’ve been doing that term….

MissT Pirate


Pirate day: MissT went as a pirate complete with parrot.

MissT as a Pirate





Mini-Beast day: Dj went as a Hover-Fly (Syrphus ribesit would be so pleased at it’s magnificent self made out of Weetabix boxes). Unfortunately the piccies have disappeared into cyber space! Shame, we were all particularly proud of that one.

MissT Jester

Castle Day mk1: MissT went as the ‘Piss-Artiste’ (that’s a court jester to you & I).

djs big lanceCastle day mk2: Dj went as a knight (he looked a little like something out of Monty Dj KnightPython & yes, we again have Weetabix to thank) complete with 8ft lance (which was quickly put “somewhere safe” by a teacher).

Funny-Bones day: CurlyE had a fab skeleton mask (It’s a blooming good job we like Weetabix!)

The next is a history day & MissT wants to go as something from Tudor times…. ‘Tis a pity they didn’t have Weetabix way back then because she could go as a box of them just to give my brain a rest.


I left school an age ago….yet I still have to participate in the thing I hated most.


(& our Kids are sick of the site of Weetabix!)

 funny bones


Kit x

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