The Ultimate Beef & Potato Pie…

  After a fantastic Summer the temperature has dropped and it’s looking a little gloomy outside… (although now I am writing this it seems Summer is making a comeback!) but that’s ok, it means it’s time to start cooking those lovely comforting foods! And what could be more comforting than a big old fashioned Meat &…… Continue reading The Ultimate Beef & Potato Pie…

Hands, Knees & Bumpsy-Daisies….

After a week of banged heads, broken teeth, teeth going through lips, split chins, bumps and grazes I’ve decided never to take our Kids out of the house again!   Trying to get 4 children (one badly injured) with 4 scooters on a bus with only a £20 note to pay the bus fare with so that…… Continue reading Hands, Knees & Bumpsy-Daisies….

‘Ome-Grown Onion & Garlic the lazy way.

Growing your own fruit & veg can seem very daunting & hard work but, believe me, it isn’t! I put my hands up & admit I am the laziest gardener ever. I break all the rules but somehow manage to get results. I found the easiest way to get started is to choose something to…… Continue reading ‘Ome-Grown Onion & Garlic the lazy way.

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