Chicken Jalfrezi Recipe

Chicken Jalfrezi Recipe for an Indian dish originating from Bengal during the time of the Raj. A lovely fresh tasting dish that is quite different from other curries in that is more ‘stir-fried’. The thing that makes a Jalfrezi is the stir fried, smokey, charred peppers, onion and the addition of chopped or whole green…… Continue reading Chicken Jalfrezi Recipe

Adraki Murgh – Ginger Chicken

Adraki Murgh – Ginger Chicken. A traditional curry from Northern India, given an ‘Ome Made work over. Heavy on the ginger, with a generous amount of chilli spice and a rich, deep hotel gravy. There’s even a little bit of Chinese influence going on with a splash of soya sauce and some added star anise.…… Continue reading Adraki Murgh – Ginger Chicken