‘Ome Made Bites…

'Ome Made Bites

‘Ome Made Bites… contains little snippets from our life from the little gems of wisdom from our children to all the small things that ‘could only happen to us!’… And then you realise it happens to everyone, because lets face it… Nobody’s perfect!


After the death of Prince Phillip Dj comes home from the library and asks… “Any news on Prince Phillip?”

What exactly was he expecting?!!


Kids new fave TV show? ‘Bottom’…..or as CurlyE announced…
“They’re watching ‘Bum!’ “

I think that one may be on a channel that’s blocked love….


MissT: ‘If we had another baby & it was a boy, what would we call it?’
Kit: ‘I have no idea. I think we’ve exhausted the boys names’.
MissT: ‘What about Bob?’.
Kit: ‘No, not Bob.’
Dj: ‘We could call it Jonathan or Dr Seward…’. (the Kids have been watching Dracula; dead and loving it)
CurlyE: ‘Would it be a vampire baby?’

This is too mind-bending for 6.30 in the morning….



MissT: ‘Mummy, when you were little were dinosaurs around?’.



Showing a potential buyer around the other house. I open the door to show them the under-stairs storage in our bedroom & MissT & CurlyE appear…
MissT (VERY loudly): ‘See! There’s no dead people in there!’.
Trying to sell the house…….not have the police tape it off……

MissT: ‘Does shampoo have real poo in it?’.


MissT: ‘When you get to 100yrs old the Queen sends you a card’.

Dj: ‘Yes! & it says “You will die soon!”’.

The first time CurlyE ever had a boiled egg he sat at the table, prodded around in it with his spoon & then burst into tears announcing:

‘There’s no chick in mine!’.

At the dinner table discussing birthdays & why you get presents.

Kit: ‘Christmas is a celebration of someones birthday. Who’s birthday is it christmas day?’.

MissT: ‘I know! It’s Jesus!’.

Kit: ‘Yes. He got presents too. What did the Wise men bring for him?’.

MissT: ‘I know, gold, frankinsense &…&…erm..’

Dj: ‘& SLIPPERS!’.

MissT on Armistice Day and people who died in the war:

“When you said the war I thought you meant the cupboardy thingy that doesn’t have windows but it has doors on… like what’s in your bedroom”


The penny drops!

No MissT, Armistice day is about the men that died in the war… NOT the War…drobe…

Narnia would be a very quiet place!

Dj; “I can say thank you in another language”.

Us; “go on then”

Dj; “Grassy Arse!”.

Cheers Dj!

Nursery Nurses; “What animal lives on a farm?”

LilMrM; “A banana”

Hmmm… Help!

A mouse invaded our house. After a phenomenal battle it finally died…

It turns out it had made a nest at the back of one of the fridge freezers… it died there and slowly cooked against the hot condenser pipe.

‘Ome, MissT and Dj came home and opened the door to the kitchen where an almighty smell greeted them.

MissT turns to Dj and says “uuurgggh, have you pumped?!”

For once Dj was not guilty!

At Nursery the kids all sat in a circle and stood up individually to sing a song.

LilMrM sang ‘The Wheels On The Bus’ and all the other children sang  a different nursery rhyme.

CurlyE stands up and sings… ‘SPIDER PIG’!

Sooooo Proud!


CurlyE on how to keep our chickens and ducks safe from foxes;

“why don’t we put a sign up saying no foxes allowed?”



  1. These are brilliant!!
    Going to miss some of the things kids say when I stop teaching!

    1. Cheers Victoria. You may miss some of the things kids say but I bet you won’t miss all the kids ; )
      I know that our Kids will miss you. You have been a fantastic influence on them, especially Dj.
      Good luck in your future career!

  2. Hello,

    I absolutely love your kids!

    Reminds me of my brothers he has weird thoughts too! For example my brother has asked me for his birthday for a real Lion and Bear because there too cute! Lol. I miss living with my weird little helper 🙂

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