‘Ome-Grown Onion & Garlic the lazy way.

Growing your own fruit & veg can seem very daunting & hard work but, believe me, it isn’t!

I put my hands up & admit I am the laziest gardener ever. I break all the rules but somehow manage to get results.

I found the easiest way to get started is to choose something to grow that doesn’t take much maintenance….for me tomatoes wasn’t it! What the hell are the side shoots I’m meant to be pinching out?! Why are the tomatoes the size of bumble-bee baubles??!!! Why aren’t they turning red???

So I started with garlic & onion. Dib a few holes in your ‘plot’ in September, October or November, stick in your onion & garlic thingys & then leave alone. Depending on how cold it gets (I seem to find that the colder the winter the better the crop) you’ll be harvesting your crop in June, July & August time. The only hard work is pulling out a few weeds in springtime. You can grow loads as well as when you pull it up you can tie it together with string & hang it outside. When it rains it will wash all the muck off & when it’s dry & sunny it will dry the outer skins & then it can be stored in a cool, dry place. See, hardly any work or fuss or stress.Ome grown garlic blog

The satisfaction of cooking with your own freshly pulled garlic & onion is fab. Also, try pulling up a garlic thingy in February or March time (this is called ‘Wet’ garlic), chop it up & add it to any naan bread you are making…AMAZING!

Finding that I actually enjoy growing, cooking & eating our ‘Ome-Grown stuff & I became brave & moved onto the hardened gardeners stuff……..I’ll be getting a poster of Percy Thrower to adorn my bedroom wall next 😉


Kit x

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