Having A Good Wine…

We do like a good wine in our house. we generally drink more red than anything else because Kit doesn’t like white (Which means sometimes I get a nice bottle of white to myself!)

Occasionally we will stumble (probably the wrong choice of word there in a wine review!) across a wine that ticks all therex Mundi 1 boxes. A wine that you just can’t get enough of.

One such wine, our current favourite, is Rex Mundi
available from Laithwaites (www.laithwaites.co.uk).

It hails from France and uses a  Shiraz and Merlot grape blend. For a French wine it has more of a New World feel about it. If I didn’t know I would have sworn it came from Chile or Argentina.

It comes from the Roussillon region of France, home of the Cathars who lived in awe of the evil god Rex Mundi who corrupted the faithful with promises of earthly pleasures and the forbidden delights of mortal flesh… Ahem!

Anyway… this wine is dark… very dark. It packs so much fruit flavour into one sip that you just want to quaff the lot. It’s juicy and very plummy with a hint of liquorice and you get a little hint of sweetness which just makes it even more irresistible.

This wine is very versatile. It really is a quaffing wine and can be enjoyed by itself. It also goes nicely with roast meats, will P1080840stand up to spicy dishes and goes gloriously with cheese and chutney (especially ‘Ome Made beetroot and Chillli Jam).

Laithwaites charge £8.99 a bottle, £44.94 for six bottles (7.49 a bottle) or 89.88 for a case of 12 (7.49 a bottle).

At £8.99 a bottle this wine is well worth it and tastes a lot better than other wines at that price.

At £7.49 I would say is a bargain price for a wine that tastes this good… believe me 6 bottles wouldn’t last you long.

This is a great wine to have in for when friends come round, I couldn’t see anyone turning their noses up at this.

It looks fantastic too. The labels and the story behind the name of the wine is a great talking point.

I would seriously suggest to anyone that likes red wine to try a bottle or two of Rex Mundi.

Bums aloft! Cheers!


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