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After 21 years of working in the catering industry as a Chef/Manager I found myself… ‘in between’ jobs, shall we say.Ome Made chilli sauce

After pondering about working for myself for a few years I decided to take the plunge.

And there it was… ‘Ome Made is officially a Business!

‘Ome Made available for your home!

The Blog is still going to be here with recipes, ramblings and all that but you may have noticed the addition of the Buy ‘Ome Made button on the menu.

So all those things like ‘Ome Made Curry Masala & ‘Ome Made Chilli Sauce and a whole host of other tasty treats are going to be available to buy through the website and through some (initially) local shops. It’s not fully up and running yet but over the coming weeks products will be made available on the website and we will feed you the information of who else is stocking ‘Ome Made produce as it happens. If you are local however we can probably sort you out with various products (Chilli Sauce, Curry Masala, Beetroot Ginger & Chilli Jam, Red Onion Thyme & Chilli Jam in stock) now.

I will leave it at that for now and update you all as the business progresses.

I hope you join us in this exciting journey!

If anybody has ideas for products they would like to see or buy, or anyone is interested in stocking ‘Ome Made products then by all means drop me an email…

Oh… and wish me luck!

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