Chicken Mango Delight Recipe

Chicken Mango Delight Recipe – With some unseasonal, ridiculously hot weather but still wanting a curry fix I produced this dish. It’s something that’s just a little bit more refreshing. The combination of the mango pulp, a few green chillies, green peppers and then some cream to just lighten and mellow it all makes for…… Continue reading Chicken Mango Delight Recipe

Adraki Murgh – Ginger Chicken

Adraki Murgh – Ginger Chicken. A traditional curry from Northern India, given an ‘Ome Made work over. Heavy on the ginger, with a generous amount of chilli spice and a rich, deep hotel gravy. There’s even a little bit of Chinese influence going on with a splash of soya sauce and some added star anise.…… Continue reading Adraki Murgh – Ginger Chicken

Easy Chicken Curry Recipes

Easy Chicken Curry Recipes. Sometimes we just want to chuck some ingredients in a pan and have a quick curry, right? Maybe you’ve run out of base gravy but still fancy a tasty curry. Maybe your new to curry cooking and now thinking, “what the hell is base gravy?” Whatever, don’t panic! You can have…… Continue reading Easy Chicken Curry Recipes

Grandmas West Country Chicken Curry

Grandmas West Country Chicken Curry. It’s like Country Captain Chicken Curry but my grandma wasn’t a captain, but she was from the West Country! When I was creating the Raj Masala for ‘Ome Made I think I had this curry in mind. My Grandma regularly made a curry on a Monday, using the leftovers from…… Continue reading Grandmas West Country Chicken Curry